Atwell College

Atwell College Staff



Mr Noel Woodley


Associate Principal 


Mr Brendon Bleakley

Education Support

Deputy Principals


Ms Jodi Lambert

Mr Mike Ciccotosto

Mrs Tonia Brown

Quality Teaching

Student Achievement

Student Services

Manager Corporate Services


Mrs Cheryl Brownley


Heads of Learning Area


Mrs Lara Duffy

Mr Aaron Harwood

Mr Payman Hasani

Mr David Humphry

Mrs Janine Daniel

Mr Wayne Spencer

Mrs Kate Linton

Ms Pippa Ralston


Health and Physical Education

Humanities and Social Science (HASS)




The Arts

VET Coordinator

Student Services Coordinators


Ms Brooke Hughes

Mrs Glendah Migro

Year 10-12

Year 7-9



Mr Michael Guthrie

Mr David Mueller

Ms Alex Jones

Ms Nicole Roberts

Mr Steven Francis

Mr Steven Dimech

Mr Russell Dymock

Mrs Jessica Millar

Mrs Ashley Miragliotta

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Academic Extension Program (AEP)

Atwell College Zone Extension Program (ACZE)

Education Support Curriculum

All Atwell College teachers are employed within the Department of Education WA guidelines. The teachers are registered with the Teachers' Registration Board of WA. As an Independent Public School (IPS), Atwell College selects staff to meet the curriculum and pastoral care needs of students. All teachers are qualified to teach the courses and subjects expected by the College. Atwell College support staff including Education Assistants, School Support Officers, maintenance staff and school cleaners are all certified to work in a school environment.

Atwell College maintains and develops an extensive professional learning program for staff. The professional learning supports the College in compliance with relevant government and Department of Education WA policy and supports all staff as life long learners.