Atwell College

Business Plan and Board Governance

Atwell College is an Independent Public School and is part of the public school system. You can find out more about the Independent Public School initiative here.

The Atwell College Board assists the future development of the College and maintains an oversight of the school's operation, working within the Department of Education relevant legislation and regulations.

The AGM is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 23 June 2015 at 5:15pm in the Administration Conference Room. All welcome.

Atwell College Board Members 2015

Natalie Machin


Joe Francis

MLA Jandakot

Wade Westphal-Groves


Steve Portelli


Dr Zora Singh

Community Rep

Bill Osborn

P&C Rep / Parent

Noel Woodley


Aaron Harwood


David Humphry


Cheryl Brownley

Business Manager

Sharon Lamb

Executive Officer

The Atwell College Business Plan can be viewed by clicking here.