Atwell College

Vision and Values

Atwell College is driven by values that support inclusive practices across the school community and it is these values that underpin all learning.


Atwell College seeks to fully develop each child's intellectual, physical and social/emotional capacity to enable each child to become global citizens with an informed concern for the environment and social justice issues. The College recognises that fostering a keen appreciation of fundamental societal values is intrinsically linked to the development of individual self-worth and respect for others.


Atwell College expects excellence of staff and students within the knowledge that all individuals are part of a community.

Atwell College's practices are to:

  • Match student capabilities and aspirations to pathways of future achievement.
  • Provide a safe and caring work and learning environment for all.
  • Acknowledge that all students can learn and all staff members have the opportunity to learn.
  • Seek the holistic development of each child academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Engage students in positive health and wellbeing programs and encourage staff in positive health and wellbeing practices.
  • Be inclusive in all actions. 

Purpose / Mission Statement

"Atwell College gives every child the opportunity to prepare for life in a modern community."

Core beliefs: Pillars

Connection, Opportunity, Environment