Atwell College

Health & Physical Education

Health Education

Health Education at Atwell College is delivered one hour per week and centres around the teaching of relevant contemporary topics with the aim of giving students accurate health information in a supportive environment. Examples of topics included in the program are Drug Education, Mental Health and Well Being, Relationships Education and Driver Education (Year 10).

Physical Education

At Atwell College, Physical Education (PE) is a highly valued learning area that offers students a wide range of learning experiences. The delivery of PE at Atwell takes a holistic, student-centred approach, encouraging in students a value for pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle, both in the present and into their future. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in a wide range of sports and pursuits, with emphasis on providing leadership opportunities and teaching the value of contributing positively in a team environment.

Outdoor Education

Students who enjoy outdoor activities and learning about how we can interact safely with the natural environment may be interested in selecting Outdoor Education (OE) as an option in Years 9 and 10. These entry level courses have both a practical and theoretical element to them that will give students some insight and skill sets to follow their interest in OE through to Years 11 and 12. Some of these courses are but not limited to Outdoor Recreation (Certificate II) and General Outdoor Education.

Specialised Physical Education

Students who are interested in and have an aptitude for Physical Education can choose to study Specialised Physical Education (SPE) as an option subject in Yeasr 9 and 10. SPE has both a practical and theoretical component to it, allowing sports-minded students an opportunity to learn about how an athlete prepares both physically and mentally for competition, along with a chance to be involved in sporting pursuits with like-minded students. Students who choose SPE should have received strong grades (B's or above) in Years 7, 8 and 9 general PE and may also be interested in selecting ATAR level Physical Education Studies in Years 11 and 12.

Vocational Physical Education - Year 10 only Elective

This new course for Year 10 in 2017 is designed to give interested Physical Education students an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills that would lay the foundation for the Physical Education Vocational Pathway into Sport and Recreation in Years 11 and 12. The course would include opportunities to plan and assist in the delivery of sporting and leisure activities, basic coaching principles, proper use and maintenance of equipment.