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Adventure World 

The final social event for students who had displayed positive behaviour both socially and academically during 2017 was held at Adventure World on Tues 12 Dec.

This day was a chance for both staff and students to 'hang out' together and enjoy friendly rivalry on the Kraken, the Abyss and sports games in the pool. No prizes for guessing who is more competitive!

Students were busy enjoying themselves the entire day and it was very rare to see anyone lying around under the trees. The interaction between staff and students was great and it is on days like these that you see just how fantastic our students at Atwell College are. Everyone left exhausted after having a great and fun time!

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China Expedition 2017 - The Final Episode

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In the last 6 days of our trip, we visited the White Water Terraces, trekked the Tiger Leaping Gorge and explored the old town of Lijiang. With the help of our guide Tenzin, we have learnt so much about the Chinese culture whilst exploring the gorgeous country side.

In order to view the White Water Terraces, we had to climb a large amount of stairs; as a group we ascended the slope and headed towards the top. Once arriving at the Terraces, our guide told us some interesting facts about the phenomenon in front of us and how they were created. After we made our way back to the bus, we continued on our journey to the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Once arriving at Tina's Guest House in the late afternoon, dinner was served and we rested in preparation for the 13 km trek the next day. We ate a quick breakfast and then we began our hike through the Gorge. After another long hard trek that took 6 hours, the feeling of achievement was worth it!

Yesterday we left Lijiang via over night train and arrived in Kunming this morning at 6:30am. Whilst in Lijiang, we explored the old town which was full of locals and small markets leading to some interesting purchases among us. After walking around, we came across a food market and some of us experimented with some unusual foods that turned out to be quite enjoyable. The night life of Lijiang was beautiful with the neon lights litting up the canal and all the restaurants buzzing with chatter.

We can't thank you enough for this amazing trip and we can't wait to see you all soon.

Love you lots xxx

From Beth, Ben, Cameron, Brock, Sabrina, Georgia, Sam and Lachlan

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Japanese Taiko Drumming

On Mon 12th Dec, we had the "Taiko-on" group run a Japanese drumming workshop for our Year 7 Japanese classes followed by a lunch time performance for the whole school. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed the performance. We hope to have them back again next year!

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Year 10 Dinner Dance 

On Thur 7th Dec, the Year 10 Dinner Dance was held at the Coogee Surf Life Saving Club.

With a theme of James Bond/Casino Royale, there may have been some doubt as to whether the lofty sartorial standards of the world's most famous spy could be met – The Year 10s not only met those standards, but they out-sauved Ian Fleming's famous creation! So much so that it would have been a great injustice to award just one Best Dressed award! Overall, a great time was had by all of the  Year 10s in attendance, and it served as the perfect cap to a busy 2017!



China Expedition 2017 Update 2

Dear parents,

Since our last email, we have visited Xi'an, Shangri-la and Bissongu village. We have explored some of the most popular sites in China, including The Terracotta Warriors and the Ganden Sumtseling Monastery, as well as building a toilet block for a local village that speaks a Tibetan dialect.

The money raised through our 'Bunnings' sausage sizzle back in June funded the cost of materials we used to build two squat toilets and paid for the help of a local tradesman. We built the structure, learning how to lay the bricks, mixed the mortar, moved the materials around before rendering the outside and painting Tibetan styled drawings on the wall. During the project we were lucky to stay at the house of a very kind Tibetan family where we learnt a lot about the culture of Tibetan people in the village and across China. We were served many local Tibetan dishes including Yak meat, Yak butter tea, traditional Tibetan pastries, pork, beef and on the last day, a curry cooked by our tour guide Tenzing. After dinner we all sat around the fire in the dining room that doubled as a lounge room with the owners of the house and the family's grandparents. Although we had difficulty communicating, they were very friendly and welcoming. On the last day we were all given a white scarf by the village elder to thank us for our contribution to their community.

As we write this email, we are currently on the way to the second trek of our trip. It is approximately a three hour drive to lunch and thereafter we will begin the first day of our trek at Tiger Leaping Gorge.

We are over halfway through our trip and so far we have learnt a lot about leadership skills. Although leading a group is now easier as we have a rough idea of what we need to do, we all still have our individual areas we could improve on based on our different leadership styles.

As a group, we thank you again for allowing us to go on this life changing experience. We all miss you (and pets) dearly.

Love from Sam, Beth, Georgia, Brock, Sabrina, Cameron, Lochlan and Ben.

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Atwell College Art Display Showcase 2017

The annual Atwell College Arts Showcase was held on 5th and 6th December with an Art Exhibition and Dance, Drama and Music performances. The showcase acknowledged the efforts and celebrated the many talents and wonderful achievements of our students here at Atwell College.

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China Expedition 2017

Letter Home from China

Dear Mums and Dads

We are having a great time in China although at times it can get interesting! So far it is Day 6 already, and we have experienced the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, a range of markets, an overnight train, squat toilets, some of the best food we have ever tasted (some of us even tried deep fried grasshoppers and scorpions!) and in particular, the Great Wall of China. At first it didn't seem real that we had arrived in Beijing, one  of the biggest cities in the world. However, it soon became apparent when we saw the amount of people and number of trains on the Subway, as well as the vast number of apartments on the way back from the Great Wall into Beijing on the bus.

Experiencing the responsibilities of being a team leader of 11 people overseas has been challenging at times. The mandatory requirements of having to carry our passports everywhere has been a surprise and the ridiculously regular passport checks can get a bit annoying. Learning to configure the daily budget and allocate the appropriate amount of money to each expense we are faced with has been difficult. Additionally, we have had to learn to take charge and be an assertive team leader, to make sure the whole group is informed on what we are doing so we are not wasting our time here. Despite the challenges, we are looking forward to the Tiger Leaping Gorge, Terracotta Warriors and the Project next week.

Thanks for letting us come. We are all having an amazing time and traveling around China with this group, which we have all become great friends with.

Lots of love,Beth, Brock, Ben, Sabrina, Lachie, Sam, Cameron and Georgia.The Atwell College China Expedition Team

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Atwell College Year 8 Specialist and Years 8-10 Girls Rugby League Match

Our girls team beat Baldivis in an entertaining match 16-10.
Our year 8 boys won their match 28-18 and finished the year on top of the ladder. Well done everyone!

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