Atwell College

Therapists - Therapy Agreement

Atwell College is committed to ensuring the best educational outcomes for our students. A minimum standard contract has been developed to promote a collaborative working relationship between Therapists, Parents, and the College.

Please read the requirements below.

• Parents give permission for Therapists to directly communicate with the College.
• Parent liaises with both therapist and teacher, collaboratively identifying and prioritising goals that are relevant to their education.
• Parents liaise with the College and agree on the frequency of the therapy sessions that is in the best interest of the child's education.
• Parents give permission for Therapists to share individual goals with the College.
• Parents give permission for Therapists to share the post-session outcome with the College.
• Individualised therapy goals are referenced within the child's IEP and made in collaboration between the Teacher, Therapists and Parents.
• Therapy goals are supported in all environments - home, College, and the wider community.
• Therapists to liaise and support home and College regarding strategies/ equipment that assist their client to achieve their identified therapy goals in their IEP.
• Therapists will provide the College with a copy of their current WWC card before booking therapy sessions, along with Insurance indemnity and Professional Registration details.
• Therapists work collaboratively with Parents and the College to identify and prioritise goals that are relevant in the College setting.
• Therapists will share post-session outcomes with the teacher and family via email after each therapy session.
• When relevant, therapists will provide training at the College to upskill Staff.
• Therapists will attend at least one IEP meeting per semester (2 per academic year) to discuss therapy goals and strategies.

All therapists must provide the following before attending on-site:

All documents must be returned by email to: 

Only once we receive the above documentation can we begin to schedule therapy sessions. Please note due to the high volume of requests this can take up to one week for processing to be completed. We thank you for your patience.