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Atwell College students are given the opportunity to study Japanese in Year 7 either as beginners or continuing students. Students must continue studying the Japanese language in Years 8 and 9 as this forms part of their curriculum requirements. At the end of Year 9, students then choose whether to continue their studies in Senior School. This choice is then repeated at the end of Year 10, where Japanese is also offered as a Course of Study.

Students learn to communicate in Languages through a variety of means. Learning technologies are extensively used to enhance student understanding of Japanese culture and to expose students to authentic material in the Language.

During their Language program, students have the opportunity to travel to Japan and be involved with the Japanese exchange students who visit our College on a regular basis. These are valuable cultural and language experiences for both our students and our Japanese visitors.

With increasing numbers of Australians living and working in Japan, and Japanese people living and working in Australia, employers are recognising the usefulness of Japanese language knowledge and skills. An ability to communicate in Japanese, in conjunction with other skills, provides students with enhanced career opportunities in areas such as banking and international finance, commerce and trade, tourism and hospitality, cuisine and catering, the arts, media and advertising, translation and interpreting, education and research, engineering, science and technology, diplomacy, government and law. It also enables them to recognise the value of being an effective communicator within the service industries.



Atwell College will be offering Mandarin language to students in Year 7 and 8 in 2015. Students selecting Mandarin in Year 7 and Year 8 will be able to follow the language into Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 as the student progresses through the college. Mandarin language course is also scheduled to be available to students in * Year 11 2015 (depending on numbers) to support students wishing to study Mandarin at a general or ATAR (university entrance) level. The college recognises the importance of language study (LOTE) and sees Mandarin as part of the economic and cultural connection being made by Australia and China and Asia.

IF you would prefer your Year 7 or 8 child to study Mandarin please contact Mathew Burt by email

* for native speakers